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The Ordeal Of Being Marianne Faithfull

“The Ordeal Of Being Marianne Faithfull”

After the end of the Swinging Sixties Marianne all but disappeared from the public eye. She only appeared only in very few screen and stage productions and had put her singing career on hold for the time being. In this interview published in the March 1971 issue of Rave Magazine Marianne tells of her new and reclusive life with her young son Nicholas and mother Eva. Nothing seems to suggest that only a short while later Marianne would trade the Berkshire cottage for a wall in Soho during which time she recorded the long-shelved “Rich Kid Blues”.


“My Upside Down World” – The Sunday Times, August 10th 2014

Marianne Faithfull, the original Sixties wild child, tells Krissi Murison about lust, greed and the “enormous pressures” of being Mick’s girlfriend. From the moment I walk into Marianne Faithfull’s apartment in Paris’s sixth arrondissement, it feels like I’m back at school, being summoned into the headmistress’s office. She tells me off for everything. First, mumbling: “Sit nearer