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Who’s That Girl? Anita Pallenberg Edition

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The internet is great place for finding photos of about any famous person but sometimes information about the photo gets lost along the way or wrong information is attached. With this post I’m going to try and clear about some confusion about certain photos that are often attributed to being of Marianne, but actually aren’t.


Marianne on set of “The Girl On A Motorcycle”, 1967

In the 1960s Marianne and Anita Pallenberg were both associated with the Rolling Stones. Despite both having blonde hair and blue hair they are not interchangable as pretty faces from the past and if you look closely their features aren’t even that similar.

Anita’s face is more narrow and she has darker eyes and thinner lips than Marianne. Meanwhile Marianne’s face in 1960s was very doll-like with bee-stung lips and sad blue eyes. They also had quite different styles with Anita accessorising a lot more and being a bit more daring.

A set of photos that is often thought to be of Anita are actually behind the scenes photos of Marianne’s film “The Girl On A Motorcyle” from 1967.┬áMaybe it’s the fur coat or the short looking hair that confuse people, but the beautiful portraitsby John Kelly – above the article and on the right – are definitely Marianne!


Mick and Anita on set of “Performance”, 1968

Conversely set photos of Anita and Mick Jagger in the 1970 flick “Performance” which was filmed in 1968 are often mistaken to be of Marianne and Mick. Due to the intimate mood of the photos this isn’t surprising, but be assured it’s all in character! According to Anita a rumoured off-screen affair between her and Mick never happened. The beautiful photoshoot was done by Cecil Beaton and you can find many different photos from it online.


Sienna Miller

Lastly here’s a photo constantly thought to be of – mostly – Anita and sometimes Marianne, but is neither. It might surprise you to learn the woman in said photo is actually Sienna Miller. Even Google’s reverse image search – which is a great tool if you know how to use it – tells you that it is Anita, but studying the photo and face I knew it couldn’t be her.

After some digging around I found out that the photo was taken for the 2003 Pirelli Calendar by Bruce Weber. How the connection to Anita happened I have no idea.

Sources for the Sienna Miller photo: Pauza, Cinefacts, Wikipedia

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