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Barbershop Quintet: Who Are The Modern Hairdressers?

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hairdressers-geg-germany-telegraph-magazine-september-19th-1975-eAn amazing find from Vintage-a-Peel. Marianne Faithfull (and the top hair dressers of the time and their famous clients) on the cover of The Daily Telegraph, September 1975.

“In the Fifties a trip to the hairdresser’s was a daunting ordeal – for you and for each hair on your head. Vidal Sassoon changed all that in 1964, and substituted the welcome breeziness of the blow-drying second-generation stylists. Who are the other top hairdresses, and who goes to them?”

Miss Peelpants writes about Marianne’s outfit: “There are no credits for the clothes, but I think Marianne’s glorious ensemble must be a Bill Gibb, and Sian Phillips’s elegant coat looks like a John Bates to me. Such a glorious array of celebs, I think Michaeljohn win on numbers (but Ricci Burns really ought to win, purely because of the way his ladies are dressed!).”

Head over to her blog for more scans from this article and further vintage inspiration!

From left to right in the header photo: Marianne, Fenella Fielding, Ricci Burns, Sian Phillips and Brenda Arnaud pictured at one of Ricci’s salons.

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